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Happy endings

Happy Endings: animal rescues

Save the Primates website is managed and sponsored by Animal Defenders International (ADI). ADI campaign on a number of issues to Save the Primates such as their rescue and rehabilitation. Here you can read the remarkable stories of some of our rescued friends;

Back to the Wild: Orlandito the Capuchin Monkey

ADI are delighted to report that we are currently funding the rehabilitation of Orlandito, a Brown Capuchin Monkey, with the aim of releasing him and his group back into the WILD! Read Orlandito’s story here...

Saved: Toto the Chimpanzee

Read the incredible rescue story of Toto a chimpanzee who was snatched from the wild and forced to perform in the circus. ADI came to his rescue and secured his future back in the African bush with a new family. Read Toto’s story here...

Saved: Kodak the Capuchin

Kodak is a wild-caught capuchin monkey, who was exported from Guyana in South America to Greece, at the age of one year old. In 2003, he was sold by a primate dealer to an Athens resident.
Kodak the Capuchin. Read Kodak’s story here...

Saved: Capuchin Monkeys saved from neurology laboratory

A group of capuchin monkeys at the University of Chile’s neuroscience laboratory were handed over after undercover investigations exposed shocking experiments. Read how ADI funded the construction of large new enclosures incorporating natural vegetation and enrichment. Read their story here...

Saved: Trudy the Chimpanzee

Baby chimpanzee Trudy was rescued from international animal trainer Mary Chipperfield when undercover ADI Field Officers filmed her beating the young chimpanzee mercilessly. Our evidence secured Mary’s conviction for cruelty, and Trudy a new home free from violence. Read Trudy’s story here...

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