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ADI/NAVS is heard by the House of Lords

ADI/NAVS was invited to present evidence to the House of Lords EU Committee on the July 9 2009 about the new Directive on animal experiments proposed by the European Commission. The report of the Committee will inform the UK’s position in the Council of Ministers. ADI/NAVS sent a delegation of three representatives: Jan Creamer Chief Executive Officer, Tim Phillips Campaigns Director and Helder Constantino Head of Parliamentary Affairs to respond to the Peers. It was a great opportunity to extensively explain why we supported the EU’s initiative and proposed improvement to the Commission’s text.

It was obvious from the questions asked by the Peers that industry lobbyists worked hard – as they did in the European Parliament – to spread lies in previous hearings. For instance several questions expressed concern about the loss of UK industry competitiveness if welfare standards were raised, or about the feasibility of the wild-caught primates ban. We spelled out these myths by providing clear and substantial evidence that replacing animals experiments actually boosts the quality of science and that not only is the ban on wild-caught primates feasible but also a moral obligation for the UK and the EU.

Overall we felt that the Peers took great interest in our answer and we feel very positive about their future report to the Home Office.

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